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We specialize in micro-business. Businesses with 20 employess or less. Now very small business can benefit from the same
services the big guys get. We can assist with web site design/ecommerce, office networking, custom database
development and network endpoint protection including NG/UTM Firewall products and more all in one place..

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Local and Internet Services

In the Central New York area we can assist with networking, firewall and hardware issues. For database and software services the internet is the limit!

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Purchasing new hardware or software from a vendor and need someone on "your-side?"
We will gladly supply consulting services. Want us to do the whole job, we can do that too!


Custom Software

Responsive Web Sites

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In-field data time card and work order data entry. Responsive websites that bend to the device, general
computer and network service 24/7/365, or network and endpoint protection via NG Firewalls, contact us!